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Live Events

We intend to be the premier Live Events Hosting Firm to facilitate and execute creative and unique live event experiences.

Bringing communities together for a dynamic cultural experience.

Live events are a great way to build community among different cultures and interests. EventRoostr is always looking to provide unique experiences that are enjoyable for everyone.

Unique Celebrations

Our guests love the creative liberties we take when hosting an event. Why not have a live robot join the party while everyone dances with glow in the dark noodles? We’re always bringing the fun for all ages to enjoy. There’s no question we’ve leveled up the event experience.


We love seeing communities bond and enjoy a great time over live music, cultural cuisine, or special hobbies & interests. Over the years we’ve successfully brought people together for various events, such as our Latin Music Nights, Wine & Cigar Festivals, Album Release Parties, and much more! Our joy comes from connecting people with what they love most.


We deeply care about our communities and the people in it. Standing with them in the issues that matter most is our way to communicate that we have their back. Not only do we want to provide an entertaining time, but we want to make a difference in their lives. Anything we host, from political events to community gatherings, will always be a safe space to discuss matters with civility. Our community knows this and that’s why EventRoostr is so impactful.