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After years of being stuck at home, we are all itching to get out and start exploring again. One option many are pursuing is a destination wedding. It is a three-for-one trip – a celebration of your nuptials, getting out and seeing the world again, and a vacation!

By definition, a destination wedding is when your wedding does not take place in your current home location/area. A destination does not always mean international! So, how to begin? First, consider any places that have special meaning to you as a couple. Where did you meet? Where did you take your first big vacation together? When do you plan on getting married? Once you start answering these questions, some locations might come right off the table.

Also, consider the local customs, traditions, scenery, and other things that may appeal to you about a particular location and lean into it! This is one of the many charms of a destination wedding and can make bringing together your big day more manageable. Frequently destination weddings are smaller – both intentionally and by circumstance. Selecting an all-inclusive wedding package can allow you to put other time and resources into a celebration closer to home.

Wedding planning is overwhelming, and the idea of planning a destination wedding may feel even more so. But many venues offer detailed wedding packages, where all you need to do is make your payment and show up. As you explore your location and venue options, be sure to dig into everything that may be available. Trying to figure out the best vendors can be challenging at home, so finding a venue and wedding coordinator that you can trust with the connections to the best local people and things you need for your big day is a must. In addition to the fun parts of a wedding, there are also a lot of legal logistics to consider, even more so when you are abroad. Many wedding packages, such as marriage licenses and other legal documents, build in these needs. For weddings in places where you may not speak the language, having a trusted partner to help you navigate even the most basic of communication will be imperative.

Hearing the term “destination wedding” might make you start seeing dollar signs. The term “all-inclusive” may have even more dollar signs, but you will find that in the end, you will save money, reduce stress, and truly enjoy your day. And in reality, choosing that all-inclusive option may give you the option to focus on what really matters to you. Enjoying the feeling of marital bliss.

Now that you committed to a destination wedding, here are the top places to consider:


Italy has something for everyone, from its rich history, scenic locales, and beautiful architecture. You can go traditional or rustic, on hillsides or beaches. As you consider your options, also explore other activities to do in the area that will appeal to you and your guests. And you cannot forget the food and wine! Enjoy your favorite Italian red steps from where it is grown. Or delight in the freshest pasta and noshes made as they have been for centuries. Italy is one of the top destination weddings locales. The unparalleled choices, from the Northern Slopes of the Italian Alps and Lake Como, where you can be joined where snow-capped mountains touch crystal clear water, to the magical canals of Venice, where the serenades of the gondoliers touch the soul. From the imperial grandeur of Rome to the Renaissance majesty of Tuscany and Florence. You can be wed in the shadow of the volcano Vesuvius in Naples or along the picturesque cliff of the Amalfi coast. The choices are nearly endless. The All inclusive wedding package Italy offered by EventRoostr takes you to some of the most beautiful wedding venues in the world! This should be no surprise, considering Italy has some of the most spectacular cities and countryside on and off. Be sure to take a look at @EventRoostr’s social channels to see images of the dreamy Italian destination wedding possibilities. Don’t hesitate to reach out to EventRoostr to book Italy. After all, the magic and charm of Italy are called La Dolce Vita.

Dominican Republic

Many people think the Dominican Republic is only a honeymoon destination. True, it is. The Dominican Republic is the perfect place for a winter escape. With stunning beaches and beautiful scenery, there is something for everyone. But for budget-minded couples, the Dominican Republic offers a way to combine your wedding and your honeymoon. Since most resorts offer full amenities for your guests, it becomes a hands-off vacation after they finish celebrating you! Most venues include onsite or nearby lodging and transportation to local sites, making the Dominican Republic a more straightforward yet exciting option. If you and your guests are more active, there are many outdoor activities that you can incorporate into your celebrations. The All inclusive wedding package Dominican Republic makes this option truly one of the most affordable destination wedding locations. EventRoostr knows that the Dominican Republic is second to none when it comes to affordability. So they are proud to offer options for couples to truly build out the all-inclusive wedding package of their dreams! You can even use their platform to roll those honeymoon options right into the package. The Dominican Republic offers some of the best destination wedding resorts precisely because, like EventRoostr’s end-to-end booking, the resorts offer end-to-end transportation, food, venues, drink, and the honeymoon. Typically all without having to leave their large resorts. They can even plan activities for your guests, such as swimming with dolphins or snorkeling. The Dominican Republic is the go-to budget-friendly all-inclusive option!


France is another destination with something for everyone. You can find the perfect setting for your big day. It offers options from beautiful beaches to charming chateaus. Classic scenes will provide a timeless backdrop to your wedding photos for years to come. After your wedding, you and your guests can easily explore other parts of France or Europe to make your time away a true European adventure. The all inclusive wedding package France truly gets to the high point of luxury. While Italy offers charm and stunning scenery, France offers luxury and indulgence. You and your guests will be pampered and stuffed with some of the most beautiful wedding venues and many of the world’s greatest chefs. Should you choose fields of lavender in Provence, a Chateau in Burgundy; a small french village in Alsace-Lorraine, a sheep pasture in Brittany, or perhaps the romance of the City of Lights, France offers wonder and excitement. EventRoostr knows that the idea of an all-inclusive in France is a bit American but is working hard to bring you the options to make your dream destination wedding a reality. Be sure to check out their platform for options and choices. You can even compare venues and vendors side by side. For France, I recommend contacting them and requesting a destination wedding consultation. They’re knowledgeable, experienced, and resourceful staff can guide you as you navigate creating that dream french destination wedding.


A classic destination wedding option for many U.S. mainlanders, Hawaii still holds the same charm and appeal after so many years. There is a beach or activity for everyone. This is also an ideal location if you have guests who are unable to travel internationally. Hawaii is also another great place for adventurers. You can plan volcano hikes, helicopter excursions, and other activities to get your guests out and explore the natural beauty only found in Hawaii. The all inclusive wedding package Hawaii has been the industry standard for over two generations. In fact, it was the resorts in Hawaii that pioneered the concept of the all inclusive destination wedding! Blessed with some of the best weather in the world. Hawaii offers numerous options for couples looking to stay in the States but wanting that tropical feel. Each of the Hawaiian Islands offers unique choices based on the culture and climate of the island. O’ahu, Kauai, Lanai, and Hawaii have some of the best destination wedding resorts. Hawaii has everything from luxury and a la carte to indulgent all-inclusive. All the classic locations for top destination weddings, EventRoostr has you covered! With passport-free travel, Hawaii was a top selection for EventRoostr to offer to their customers.

Choosing a destination wedding is a dream come true for most couples. With offers such as the classic stateside option of Hawaii, the affordable local Caribbean gem of the Dominican Republic, or the European dream locales of France and Italy, EventRoostr has you covered. Your wedding will be a day that you will remember for the rest of your life. So go big and go bold!