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Now that you are engaged, it is time to start planning the wedding! Of course, there will always be input from friends and family, but remember, this is YOUR day. One of the first questions to tackle is WHERE. Maybe you went through easy places first – your hometown, your future spouse’s hometown, your current city but nothing felt quite like it could be your place together. So, you start thinking destination wedding.

This can be anything from driving to the coast to flying across the Atlantic. So how do you start narrowing them down with such a wide range of options? The options can be a bit overwhelming.

First, Go online and check out the options from your favorite influencers. Influencers and Pinterest boards are some of the surest ways to find inspiration for where, how, and what to pull off that big destination wedding. @rachaelellenevents really gets luxury destination weddings. You can dive into her posts to see what really catches your eye. If you are in the mood, scroll over to @shannonleahevents and see how she lays out the way that planners look at events. Then jump to @Lafleurweddings, take a look at her posts on the wild places where couples have tied the knot, and find real inspiration!

Second, EventRoostr is the go-to source for all things destination weddings. Whether you want best destination wedding resorts 2022 or various types of weddings such as the best fall destination wedding locations or just the wedding trends 2022, EventRoostr has it all. When you reach out to them, their personalized wedding coordinator can discuss the best destination wedding options with you. From the best places for destination weddings to all-Inclusive wedding packages to destination wedding packages, they will tailor make your dream destination wedding. Their service easily breaks down your destination wedding cost and gives you various options. Be sure to request a free wedding planning consultation. EventRoostr has access to hundreds of unique vendors worldwide who specialize in every conceivable dream destination wedding. For absolute peace of mind – all – and they do mean ALL bookings include 100% liability insurance coverage. You can even earn points and redeem them for products to make your nuptials that much more special.

Third, pick your destination. Do you have a favorite beach? Want to know what the Best island for destination weddings? Is there a city that has deep meaning to you as a couple? Do you have a bucket list trip in the back of your mind? This is where those Pinterest boards, your influencers you follow, and your own dreams start to mix. Some of the top destination wedding trends 2022 and 2023 include All inclusive wedding package Italy, All inclusive wedding package, Dominican Republic, All inclusive wedding package France, All inclusive wedding package Hawaii. Suppose those far-flung locales aren’t for you. Have no fear; they only serve as a point of inspiration. The world is literally your oyster. You can choose nearly every continent, almost every country, and practically any venue type imaginable.

Fourth, think about how to get there for you as a couple, your bridal party, and your guests. Places near major transportation hubs will give your guests more options as they plan to attend your wedding. More remote locations, such as some islands, may be more challenging for you and your guests to travel to. Also, think about who needs to attend. Do you have grandparents or other older relatives? It might be worth considering more accessible destinations, making them easier to attend. Alternatively, maybe you have a destination ceremony but a reception closer to home so you can have all of your loved ones join you in celebrating.

EventRoostr’s platform offers end-to-end booking to make your destination wedding planning go off without a hitch. You can compare vendor pricing; all packages & pricing are clear and detailed without any costly hidden surprises. Their platform allows you to request quotes seamlessly, Easily contact vendors to create a package with all the bells & whistles. They offer integrated payment processing so that once the details are ironed out, and all contracts are signed, making payments is easy. And they provide full end-to-end booking, allowing you to complete your destination wedding with hotel & honeymoon experiences. It is THE one stop to make your dream destination wedding happen.

Now that you selected your destination, it is time to set the venue! What venues are available? Are they close to where you and your guests will stay? Depending on your destination, it may be challenging to get around, so think about what will make it easiest for everyone. You also need to consider what event packages are available or if you want to coordinate vendors on your own. Most venues have rules or requirements for their events, so you should know what your options are and how they fit with your expectations of your big day. Having a wedding concierge is highly recommended, or a service such as EventRoostr can assist you in comparing venue options side-by-side. It is crucial that you have an idea of what the venue offers and what the space looks like. Be sure to explore online photos, ask for multiple vantage points and floor plans, and when in doubt, see if your favorite venue spaces have social channels to get an idea of how others have executed their weddings there. This step is crucial, and one EventRoostr allows you to do it seamlessly.

Once you know your venue space, you need to start planning the decorations and setting up for your big day. Depending on how far from home you are from your wedding locale, it may be easiest (and cheaper!) to source your ideas at or near your location rather than making purchases at home and traveling with items. EventRoostr’s new platform allows you to shop vendors directly and even compare costs and services. Knowing precisely what you are getting when you are planning your destination wedding is crucial. Also, if you do not have any local friends or family, consider hiring a wedding planner! They are going to be your best resource for decorations, food, drinks, florists, and all of the vendors you need to make your dreams come true. They will also be a great local resource for things such as lodging, spas, and everything you and your guests will need. There is SO much to do when planning a wedding and these tasks always seem to multiply when you are away from home. Or you can check out EventRoostr and let their team of wedding consultants take the hassle from you. They can help you build the destination wedding of your dreams.

Let’s GO! You have your destination set, so how are you going to get there? Can you drive from home? Do you need to fly? Thinking about this at the start of your process is crucial so you can build in travel time. Considering the never-ending travel delays, canceled flights, and lost luggage, you need to be prepared for anything. You also need to consider what is going on with you. Will you be traveling with your dress, or is it being shipped? Are you honeymooning near your wedding site, or do you need to plan another suitcase? If you are flying, think about how many bags you need to bring along. Then you must think about what you must carry on or check. Are you and your future spouse traveling alone, or will other family or friends travel with you? If possible, it would be worth considering asking your travel companions to take on responsibility for an item or two to ensure everything arrives. Once you arrive, what are your ground transportation options? Will there be rental cars and a shuttle from the airport to your hotel? If you are able to drive, what needs to come along? Do you have a large enough car to transport your things or do you need to rent something bigger? Will other people be coming from the same place that can help out? Who will get your things back home if you are leaving for your honeymoon after your wedding? There are so many moving parts and things out of your control, so keep it simple. Your future self will thank you!

One crucial DO for all weddings. Destination or Local is to have your Plan B ready, just in case. Think of the big things, Weather, Catering, Floral, and Design. For each of these, you should have a standing Plan B. Be sure to discuss this with your coordinator and destination venue. For example, if it is too hot in that sunny locale, you may need to adjust how you plan to lay out that outdoor ceremony. If beverages or food aren’t available, choose a backup. If your chosen flowers are suddenly no longer an option, have your alternatives. And finally, if some design elements are missing when you arrive, be flexible in solving them.

The big day! Chances are, you have only seen your venue once or twice before your wedding day (maybe never?!). Check-in with your on-site coordinator and fully grasp the layout in person. Make sure to walk through the space when you first arrive and shortly before your ceremony or reception to ensure everything is to your plan. Don’t freak out if things are a bit askew; destination weddings can have hiccups. Be logical and enact your plan B. Flowers have to be substituted, fine. Different wine, ok. Weather not ideal, tent, ballroom, umbrellas. As with all weddings, if you focus on love and do your pre-planning, the wedding day itself will pass as a blur even when you say I do in paradise.