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You decided on a destination wedding… now to plan! Depending on how far your wedding is from home, there are a lot of things to consider as you decide on everything from decorations to food to lighting and music. These things can be challenging when planning a wedding in your hometown. They can be even more challenging planning away from home. Whether you are concerned about destination wedding cost or just focused on the best places for destination weddings, or just having one of the best destination weddings, here is the list of things you mustn’t forget:

Don’t forget to check in with your guests

There are people you want and need to be at your wedding. If you are planning a destination wedding, you should confirm they will be able to attend before committing to your location and venue. If they are unable to travel to your chosen place, make sure to have a conversation with them to ensure there are no hurt feelings. Trust me when I say that weddings come with a lot of expectations from those important to us. Remind family and friends to update their passports and secure travel arrangements early. Peace with those we love, value, and cherish is worth it when you ask them to join you halfway around the world.

Don’t go in sight unseen

Choose a destination location and/or venue that you can visit before committing. Anyone can make anything look good on the internet. You should take the time to explore your options, get to know the spaces, and get a feel for what you and your guests’ experience will be. Check out your favorite influencers for venue images, such as @Jadebeerbrides, @Calderclark, and @laurenprattes. Don’t see your venue on their posts? Check out the venue’s socials yourself. @EventRoostr socials are a great way to see what they have to offer. Often they have pictures to give would-be brides and grooms an idea of their offerings in that artsy way that can only happen on socials. Be sure to ask the venue directly for floor plans, images of other weddings, and layout options. EventRoostr’s platform even allows you to view their partner venues directly. You can have peace of mind through their wedding consultants when booking your destination wedding. They even offer 100% liability insurance, which you need to be sure of when looking at a destination wedding venue.

Don’t Ignore the other costs

You know your wedding will cost money – the venue, the vendors, the decorations, this list goes on and on. But extra costs go into a destination wedding, like flights, shipping fees, lodging, and more. So when exploring your destination options, be sure to include these items in your budget. EventRoostr offers end-to-end booking, so these expected costs don’t become destination wedding dream-killing surprises! They even can assist with rolling your honeymoon into your destination wedding travel. This ensures everything is planned seamlessly from the very beginning of your process. So be sure to check their platform out. Forgetting necessary expenses when you are crunching those destination wedding cost numbers can be a real bummer. So be sure not to ignore them.

Don’t Reject the Help

There is a lot to manage in the best of circumstances, but a wedding away from home brings on its own set of challenges. First, explore your options for an onsite wedding coordinator. They are going to be your best resource for the locals’ only knowledge of the go-to DJ, food, and flowers. EventRoostr offers a destination wedding consultation and a destination wedding coordinator. Both are fantastic resources to get an inside look at what your destination wedding location provides. Their platform even allows you to look at the available vendors at your chosen dream destination and compare their costs and services side by side. This ensures you can see what you are getting and the value for money.

Don’t Ignore the Wedding Package

Did you decide to have your wedding or reception at a resort, club, or other bigger venue? Chances are they have many event packages available to you for your big day. Some platforms limit or only allow certain vendors. Some may not allow any outside people at all. Knowing what your venue allows is crucial. While the price tag on these may seem steep, you usually end up saving money and time in the end. With EventRoostr, you can build out your dream destination wedding package with all the fixings! Their platform shows everything a venue has to offer, from all-inclusive options with add-ons and vendors to building it yourself a la carte mix and matching vendors. Use their platform and build those hypothetical dream weddings out. This is the best way to see what the destination wedding cost will be and to know that you are getting the best bang for your hard-earned buck right from the people who are looking out for you.

Don’t Forget to Save the Date

Weddings take a lot of effort for both the couple and their guests. Destination weddings can bring that to the next level. So plan way ahead, for most international destinations expect that guests need to be given a minimum of one year’s notice. Most destination weddings require the use of multiple vacation days, and guests often want to turn the destination wedding locale into their own actual vacation for that year – so let them have that option. Eighteen months to two years is maximally courteous if you can plan even further. This gives larger families the time to plan and save and also allows potential guests to spend less on their trip and more on your gift. Give your guests plenty of notice of your wedding date and location. They need to plan their flights and lodging. If you are going abroad, passports and visas need to be in order. You want your friends and family to celebrate with you on your big day, so ensure that they can! As soon as you have your date, send the save the date. It is as simple as that.


Your guests are already spending a little extra to join you for your big day. As you consider the accommodations available at or near your desired wedding location, make sure you have options that can fit all budgets. This crucial bit cannot be overstated. Even guests who are well off in one year may be tight the next – the future is unpredictable. Most people enjoy a range of options and some general flexibility to upgrade should they last-minute decide they want a more refined experience. Be sure to explore these options with your destination wedding venue. Or ask your wedding coordinator from EventRoostr to ensure price options and flexibility for guests. Thinking this through now prevents the inevitable cascade of questions that will follow when you announce a destination wedding to your chosen loved ones. Do not avoid getting these options in advance.

Ground Transportation

Will your wedding and reception be in two different places? You should consider having transportation available for your guests. Driving in an unfamiliar place can be daunting. If you are abroad, it may not be possible for your guests to drive there. Make sure you have transportation options available to your guests or give them all the details they need to make sure they can get from point A to point B safely. EventRoostr destination wedding coordinators can assist you in ensuring that these finer details are handled. Be sure to ask about what services they offer to provide the entire guest experience is covered. Thinking through these elements and having your list of transportation options ready will ease your and your guest’s minds.

Local Attractions

Obviously, your friends and family traveled to be with you for your big day. But this is also an opportunity for them to explore a new place! Consider having information available about local activities and sights. It is another way to show your appreciation for their effort to celebrate with you.

Don’t Forget Your Guest Gifts

If your guests have made an effort to join you for your big day, recognize that! You can do this in a variety of ways. They made the extra effort to come and celebrate you and your spouse. Be sure to make the extra effort to celebrate them. Maybe it is a gift bag of local treats given to them at check-in or a welcome reception the night everyone arrives. Local gifts are a great way to give your destination wedding guests a feel for local flavor. You can build them with input from your EventRoostr wedding coordinator or by chatting with your onsite venue point person. A bottle of local alcohol is a great idea to start the party.

Welcome receptions are a great idea when you want to offer a more focused and organized experience for your guests. These are easy to execute at all-inclusive resorts and can be done to ensure guests arrive with plenty of time for the actual nuptials, gets people to mingle, and offers a time where you can personally thank guests for being there in a more relaxed and informal atmosphere. Focusing on your guests’ experience at your wedding will ensure that those cherished moments are seen and felt all around.

A destination wedding is a fun, memorable start to your new life as a married couple. But, whether you decide on tropical or old-world, formal or informal, all-inclusive wedding packages, or a carte one, there are many pitfalls to avoid. With proper planning, you can ensure that you avoid mistakes and make your dreams come true.